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Big Brother Spoilers 1:51am Josh and Jason
Josh wants him to know that regardless of what Alex does he has their back. Wants them to know just 2 more weeks till Jury then they should take the shot.
Jason - we have to take out those mother f***rs right now
Josh - I don’t trust Mark, Raven, Elena or Matt.. they’re all sneaky
Jason and Josh agree Paul talks to everyone.
Jason - he’s up there right now chumming it up.. he’s been talking to everyone..
Josh - I want to work with you guys.. moving forward..
Jason says everyone on the other side want to get Josh’s a$$ out..
Josh - they were trying backdoor me

Big Brother Spoilers
“These people are smart, we need to step it up and take a shot at Matt or Mark.. “

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Big Brother Spoilers 10:40pm Josh, Jason and Alex
Alex tells them they have to get the POV this week.
Jason - you better get your mind under control (When Alex said this to Josh I haven’t laughed that hard since BB12)
Jason says that competition today was as much mental as physical. Points out that Josh was saying he wouldn’t be the first one off. Adds that Josh voted out Jillian when he told them all he wouldn’t.
Jason tells him what makes a man an man are the decisions that move him forwards.. if you say I’m not going to be the first one off You don’t be the first one off..
Jason explains every time he doesn’t do something he says he’ll do it doesn’t affect anybody else but himself.
Jason - every time you b1tch out of something you said.. You lose respect for yourself. Then it makes it easier the next time.. you’re hollow..

Big Brother Spoilers
Jason – If you go out there and you don’t follow their plan they will sh1t their pants

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8:47pm Jessica adjusting to a cody-less Big Brother game. Feed subscription lets you go back and re-watch everything we post here CBS All Access Live Feeds with a FREE 7 DAY trial. 8:49pm Alex in the storage room Alex – I’m about to make a really HUGE move 8:51pm Ramses and Kevin Ramses says he […]

Big Brother Spoilers
Alex – “we’ll move into their collective and we’ll annihilate them”

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Show results 7:04pm The Head of Household Competition has begun.. Elena – so this is basically just standing.. Paul – just wait.. it’s not going to get better… 7:07pm Paul – it’s only been 10 minutes… pace yourself.. 7:08pm Raven gets stitches again. If you plan on buying anything from Amazon. Use this link Amazon […]

Big Brother Spoilers
Big Brother 19 Endurance on the Live Feeds “so this is basically just standing”

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Big Brother Spoilers Week 2

Groan… (not a Kraken Groan though)

Not the most exciting week. Everything Paul said he was going to do he was able to accomplish, no real surprises. Remember the BIG PLAN he had last week? He touted that Big Plan and asked people to throw the HOH to him. Many houseguests complied, a lot of them wanted Cody out anyways. At times it felt like ½ the house was playing for the chance to give Paul a back rub while the other ½ is playing to jury so that they can watch Raven win. There’s Hope!  Just look at the top two players in our Houseguest Ranker.

Here is how the week panned out.

Big Brother Spoilers
Big Brother 19 Week 2 Summary and Live Eviction Results

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Big Brother Spoilers - Every week we go through our list of #BB19 Gifs and pick the juiciest 10 for your viewing pleasure. Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below.

Typically Gifs always go to our Twitter accounts () and most times they make their way to our facebook.

If you like this type of content please help us out and share or leave a comment and let us know.

Big Brother Spoilers
Big Brother 19 Week 2 Top Animated Gifs

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Big Brother Spoilers 2:19pm Cody and Kevin
Talking about how bad new music is nowadays, it’s the same 4 words over and over. They talk about how much they like the Beach Boys…

Cody says when he goes back to Dallas he’s only got 1 good friends “that I trust” and that friend is gone so he’ll be solo for awhile.
Kevin asks if he’ll be going back to work soon.
Cody is going to wait to see what opportunities open up
Kevin - you got nice teeth you’ll be fine.. (LOL)
Jason - they’re going to scream their a$$eas off when you go out they’re

Big Brother Spoilers
Cody – “wait until you hear what I’m f*ing saying out there..”

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Jessica - I hope this doesn’t turn into world war 3 again. Elena - what? Jessica - This interview. Whenever I give Cody the freedom to do something it always backfires. Like every time .. so I’m a little nervous. Elena - maybe cross your fingers. Say a prayer and your toes. Jessica - we’ll see how this goes. Elena - I’m interested. Jessica - I’m very nervous and about to s**t my pants. Elena - I wouldn’t recommend it. Jessica - I find it quite enjoyable, its like a facial for you butt. He’s going to have to clean it if I do. That seems fair.

Big Brother Spoilers
Jess “I hope this doesn’t turn into world war 3 again. Whenever I give Cody the freedom it backfires.”

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Big Brother 19 Spoilers 3:46pm Raven comes back
Raven - I need to get stitches
Raven - they’re doing it here.. Doctor is coming later.
Raven - My toe split on the railing
Raven says they have to clean the blood on the stairs so they want everyone up in the HOH room.

Big Brother Spoilers
Raven – “My toe split on the railing .. I need to get stitches”

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Sperm Swap Babes in heels banged by two lucky dudes for sperm swap Raven haired Latina sex doll gives steamy BJ to her stud in 69 pose on the yacht

Big Brother 19 Spoilers 1:55pm Josh lost a bet on a pool game and now has to drink a cup of pickle juice ev ery day for a week. This is day 2.
Josh - For the rest of my life I never want to see a pickle
Josh says the pickle juice has given him a demon in his stomach.
Josh says the pickle juice makes him constipated and gives him cold sweats.

2:56pm Feeds come back after 30 minutes of fish .. Everyone in the HOH except for Paul and Kevin who are downstairs. Paul is making some foot. Kevin is putting his bag away..

Kevin asks if that’s dog food.
Paul - it’s dessert ..
Paul tries it “wow I think that will be f*ing good”

Big Brother Spoilers
Raven falls down the HOH stairs “Her foot is bleeding.. GUYS WE NEED Medic”

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New competition? HoH-yeah! Watch it play out LIVE Thursday, July 13th around 10PM ET on CBS All Access with a FREE trial. 9:45am Cody and Christmas Bathroom Xmas – before I head out.. I’m a little confused why there was so much direct animosity and Disdain to me from you Cody – I understand.. You’re […]

Big Brother Spoilers
“strongest girls are you, Alex and Jess.. if there’s some way you guys can get on the same page”

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Alex - until we know what’s going on with him (Kevin).. don’t tell him who we’re putting up. He is acting really weird and really paranoid. It’s not him, he’s acting paranoid. He’s acting weird! You know what like .. he’s acting like one of those mobsters before they rat on someone or flip. That’s not him .. he was like who are you voting for?! He is not like that. You said its in the past but we can’t tell if he lied straight to our face .. and he (Kevin) was actually the one that flipped and he (Ramses) was not. Jason - f**k. Alex - because he’s been talking to Mark, he’s been talking to Paul.

Big Brother Spoilers
Jessica “No one buys your reasoning, if anything it solidified the fact that you hid something.”

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Annie Cruz, Missy Maze and Kortney Kane involved in group sex

Big Brother 19 Spoilers

RAven - I have one secret I’ve been keeping ..
Raven - in March… the reason PAul and I kinda get along.. because we met each other
Raven says the reason why her and Paul get along is they met each other before.
Matt - OH REALLY! That’s Awesome!
Raven thinks if that comes out in the house it might not go over well.
Raven says it was leaked there’s a picture of Paul and her in her instagram.

Big Brother Spoilers
“The reason Paul and I get along.. we’ve met each other, he was like Dude I was so happy”

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Check out our BB19 Ranking Grid. . rank your houseguests here 4:00pm Working out… 4:22pm Spaghetti and meatballs made by Josh and Raven. 4:30pm One of Paul’s slaves rubbing him down Elena says there’s a select few people she will want to go the farthest. Paul says the next three weeks should be flawless. Paul […]

Big Brother Spoilers
“The only way they can get to Jury is either not lose a competition or work with us” -Matt

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